Sedalia Seal


Its going to be a night of awards in Sedalia this evening. Tonight at the Sedalia City Council meeting service awards are being given out to five different individuals who have served Sedalia. The awards are going out to members of the Police department, Park department and Sanitation Department. A few special awards will also be announced this evening, specifically the May 2015 Yard of the Month Contest Winners, from three of Sedalia’s Wards.

A different type of award may be going to a financial institution, recently Sedalia requested proposals from local financial institutions to serve as a depository for city funds. Tonight an ordinance is being proposed allowing Third National Bank to become the city’s main financial institution. Third National Bank is focusing on E-Commerce within Sedalia. The Sedalia bank is providing measures to allow the city to pay vendors through a credit card process, and using E-Deposits and Payroll cards to offer “non-bankable” employees a chance at direct deposit.