Several bids for demolition projects in the downtown area were rejected by the Sedalia City Council Monday night.  Two bids, however, were awarded to Schultz Wrecking Service to tear down buildings at 201 and 202 West Main Street.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with City Administrator Gary Edwards:

Gary Edwards

Edwards believes they might be able to re-bid the four other projects.  “The rejections were related to the improvement of the property that adjoined or that was very near to the demolition to protect the properties in close proximity.  We don’t think it is necessary to do that at this point, because we want to see what the demolition produces first.  We think we can possibly go out to bid again and get a lower price.”

Council rejected bids for repairs of buildings at 203, 204 and 206 West Main Street.  The demolition of 204 will have to wait as well.

A resolution was also approved Monday to put the ambulance district proposal on the April ballot.  Edwards said council’s decision was only a request.  “They are not taking a position for or against the Ambulance District proposal.  They’re simply saying [residents] should have a chance to vote on the issue, consequently we are recommending it go on the ballot.”

Council also agreed to propose a ballot question on the establishment of a Pettis County Ambulance District. That proposition will ask for voters to authorize a half-cent sales tax levy to support the district.