Click here to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson talk with Gary Edwards, City Administrator for the City of Sedalia:

Gary Edwards

The City of Sedalia held their bi-monthly meeting earlier this week.   “We had a presentation by a committee that the city has, the Blue Ribbon Steering Committee, that deals with community issues, ” said Edwards.   “They gave a matter of fact report on some of the activities that have occurred over the past year.”

There were several ordinances on the agenda.  “An ordinance on establishing a mid-block crosswalk on South Ohio was rejected,” stated Edwards, ” Also an ordinance to repeal Number 6550 by removing the one hour parking restriction on 16th and Vermont Avenue was brought forward and a first ever ordinance adopting Operation Guidelines and Policies for Crown Hill Cemetery was approved.  Another big ordinance discussed and approved by the council was an agreement between the City of Sedalia and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for a traffic study at the location of Winchester Drive and the east and west approaches of West 10th street.”