Various bids were awarded and ordinances passed pertaining to the public works department. Liquor license renewals were approved for three businesses.

Eight service awards were given to city workers for their years of service.

Two residents addressed the council and stated some concerns. One man asked what the council intends to do regarding pit bulls in the city. He stated that he was bitten by a dog the other day and the owners were not required to show proof of shots for their animals. The man also said he won’t know if he will have to have rabies shots himself due to the lack of records for the dog. The resident also inquired about the enforcement of “Citizens for a Clean Sedalia.” In his neighborhood, the 1200 block of East 11th, he claimed several other people have been neglecting their yards and exterior of their homes thus causing his property value to decrease.

Another resident addressed the council to remind them that they were appointed by citizens of Sedalia and, as such, the council works for the citizens. Her main concern was the ordinances being passed by the council without regard for public opinion. She urged the council to keep in mind that all the ordinances being passed will affect everyone in Sedalia and because of that, public opinion has to be taken into consideration before the council votes to approve them.