Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Sedalia Mayor Stephen Galliher.

Stephen Galliher

The Mayor of Sedalia recently had a very special announcement for the city residents.  “On August 3rd and 4th we had the Fireball Run come through Sedalia,” said Galliher, “They had 40 teams in this run and it’s to raise awareness for missing children.  When it’s all over with, the 40 teams vote on their favorite city out of the 8 cities that they did in the run, and Sedalia was votes by those teams as the 2014 Great American City.”

The City is very proud of the accomplishment and the men that were their representatives.  “These folks came from all over the country,” said Galliher, “So they have seen many many city’s from all over.  To be voted that by all the member’s, I think is a great deal.  Our team was Ron Ditzfeld and Rick Yeager, who represented the city extremely well.  They ‘re two great guys, they had a good time, they even stopped along the way to help someone else, so that pretty well represents what the city of Sedalia is like.  We’ve got a job to do, we get it done, you need some help along the way, we’re willing to do that.  It’s just a good community, it means a lot to us to have those folks think that much of us.”

Sedalia showed their colors and their pride during the event.  “From what I’ve been told, we had the largest turn-out of all the 8 cities they went through,” Galliher said, “We just had a good time.  A lot of people showed up and showed they had a lot of enthusiasm.  We had the high school band and they had their flash mob, that was really cool.  It was all for the Beck Hotsenpiller young man that has been missing.”

While the Fireball Run was a fun time for all involved, the meaning behind it is the real reason for everyone’s compassion.  “Each team had a trunk load of flyers to pass out all along the way of the route,” said Galliher, “That just gets the news out about these missing children.  It gets the awareness out, the pictures, the flyers, and everything to help find these missing children.  There were 40 missing children represented and ours was a young man from Springfield, so hopefully this will bring enough awareness and bring that young man home.”

The end goal of this life sized trivial game is to bring home missing children everywhere.  “Each one of them, their was a child in their area that they represented,” Galliher said, “That puts a lot of flyers out all over the nation and they do this every year.  I don’t remember the name, but there was a child just earlier this year that was located and it was one of the children that were in the Fireball Run last year or the year before.  It does work, there have been several children that have been over the last 7 years on the account of this.”

If you have any information on Beck Hotsenpiller or any other missing children, you are urged to call 1-800-THE-LOST.