Photography courtesy of Perry Beam, a Missouri resident.

Photography courtesy of Perry Beam, a Missouri resident.

The Obama-bashing rodeo clown in Sedalia is making headlines once again. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Administrator Gary Edwards:

Gary Edwards

“It’s all over the world right now, as far the news report that one of the local radio stations, they ran a person of the year contest,” said Edwards. “And the person of the year, by far, was Tuffy the Rodeo Clown. And what’s happening is the City of Sedalia is being associated with that.”

The City is in no way connected to the poll.

Tuffy Gessling received a lifetime ban from the Missouri State Fair after the August performance, in which he provided commentary on President Obama while another clown wore a mask of the president. The issue arose from such statements as asking the crowd if they want to see Obama run down by a bull.

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