JEFFERSON CITY, Mo— Wednesday morning, February 10, 2016, was devoted to discussion of Senate Bill 608, a measure that would authorize certain MO HealthNet health care provider fees.MODSS

Senator David Sater of Cassville sponsors the proposal.

He tells his colleagues it’s estimated more than $18 billion could be saved every year.

“If those patients, whose medical problems are considered avoidable — or non-urgent — were to take advantage of primary or preventative health care, and not rely on the emergency rooms for their medical needs.”

Senator Jason Holsman of Kansas City tells the sponsor he likes the concept behind the idea.

“This is, essentially, an effort to try and reduce emergency room visits and reduce cancellations, right? That’s the goal?”

Senate Bill 608 has been given first-round approval and still needs another “yes” vote before it could move to the Missouri House of Representatives for similar consideration.