JEFFERSON CITY, Mo — There are still more ethics reform measures for the Missouri Senate to consider. Missouri senators have debated three of these bills, so far, with another three that could be considered at any time.

Missouri Senate changes made to House Bill 1979 await conference committee action, according to Senator Mike Cunningham of Rogersville.

“Seven months from the end of the regular session or three and a half months from the veto session before they could actually become lobbyists at that point,” he said.

Senator Jill Schupp of Creve Coeur adds she believes Missouri ethics law needs transparency.

“Currently 501(c)(4) nonprofits can participate in the political process by donating to candidate or donating to issues. Names remain hidden,” said Shupp.

The remaining proposals relate to financial disclosure, travel and lodging expenses and other rules that pertain to ethics. Missouri senators are now two weeks from their annual mid-session recess.