US Senator Roy Blunt is still hard at work in Washington, D.C. preparing legislation for the next Congressional session. The Senator from Missouri hosted a conference call with journalists from across the state on Thursday. Click to hear the audio from Senator Roy Blunt’s conference call:

Roy Blunt

“The Senate did pass the agreement about how much money we would spend on discretionary spending this year and next year,” said Blunt. “I think the most positive thing is the appropriations committee I serve on, along with the appropriations committee in the House will get things done the right way for the first time in more than half a decade.”

The Senator talked about his work lately on the Excellence in Mental Health Act, stating that he expects action in the beginning of next year.

“I thought we made some significant headway this week on the Excellence in Mental Health Act,” Blunt stated. “The Senate finance committee voted to put that act in whatever the healthcare bill that will be at the first of the year that will include the doctor payment issue. The one, kind of must pass health bill – the House hasn’t agreed to that yet, but the Senate agreed to put that in the bill.

Blunt also touched on the landscape of the Healthcare Law. He expressed his disappointment in the President’s policies and in the botched roll-out of recently. The Senator says Americans are unhappy with Obamacare, as well. He cited a poll released by the New York Times on December 18 which says 53% of uninsured Americans do not like the President’s current healthcare plan.