U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) hosted a call with media outlets on Wednesday morning. He discussed a number of issues including the farm bill, immigration reform, and the recent scandal surrounding the National Security Agency.

Senator Blunt said he voted for the farm bill which passed in earlier this week.  Click to hear Blunt:

Senator Roy Blunt

Blunt said a five-year deal would save more than $18 billion, and he has hopes the bill will become law by September 30.  The Missouri lawmaker also talked about immigration reform, saying he is in favor of moving forward with the debate.  Click to hear Blunt:

Senator Roy Blunt

Blunt also criticized the Obama administration’s handling of immigration reform, citing changes in policy from talk on the campaign trail to action in the White House.

“We need to do whatever is necessary to restore trust in our government,” Blunt said. “The trust factor President Obama had in his first term is gone now that we are halfway into his second term.”

Senator Blunt also discussed the monitoring of Americans’ calls by the National Security Agency. He said he is concerned by the volume of phone records the government is keeping on American citizens.

“Why is [the collection of phone records] necessary if we have moved on to post-9/11 threats?” Blunt questioned. “The president must lead this debate.”

Blunt has called upon lawmakers to be more transparent in their views and policies, stating that Americans will not be able to trust their government officials otherwise.