claire-mccaskillIn a press conference call U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill spoke out about recent turmoil in the middle east. Specifically, Senator McCaskill spoke out against Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria, whom McCaskill referred to as a “despot” and blamed for the current Syrian crisis. The Senator also warned against support for Assad that came from Russia, and commended President Barack Obama and the NATO allies of the United States for putting pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Missouri Senator also accused Putin of using the fight against ISIS as an overlay to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad, stating that international pressure needs to be put on Russia to “stay in the lane” of fighting ISIS, and not hitting the targets of those who “live under a despot who thinks it’s okay to kill his own citizens.”

Senator McCaskill continued to speak about the concerns of many of her constituents who were worried that making moves regarding Syria too fast could lead to a “misstep that blows this into world war III,” or a “large longer more deadly war” with “Russia on one side and us on the other side.” The Senator stated she believed politicians on capitol hill were taking the best action by listening to the recommendations of the United States military.