Click below to listen to Senator Clair McCaskill’s conference interview with news reporters, including KMZU.


Senator Clair McCaskill voiced her opinions to KMZU, along with reporters from other news organizations, in a conference call where she focused on the Clean Funding Bill for Homeland Security. Senator McCaskill wants to see the bill passed, as many Democrats do, without the influence of immigration tacked into the bill. The purpose of the proposed bill is to make sure continuous funding is available for the Department of Homeland Security, but the Republican written bill contains sections dealing with immigration laws that the Democrats aren’t in favor of.

According to an article entitled, Senate Democrats Block Republicans’ Homeland Security Bill, by The New York Times, the reason the Democrats are so stern about the immigration sections being taken out of the bill is because, it would completely retract Obama’s legislation that provides legal protection to undocumented immigrants. Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas stated that if the Democrats are going to, ‘dig their heels in,” on this bill and not fund the Department of Homeland Security, “they’re going to be held accountable for that.”

The article in The New York Times also states that conservative Republicans believe President Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority with the immigration refuge his legislation is providing. Republicans feel that the only leverage they have on Obama and immigration is the bill for funding Homeland Security.

The fight that each political party is putting up is not to say that they are not aware that funding for Homeland Security is imperative. The department is projected to run out of money on February 27th of this month and members from both parties realize that they will have to come to some sort of agreement by then to ensure that funding is available.