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The veto session of the Missouri House and Senate is less than two weeks away. The hot topic of discussion will be House Bill 253, which proposes a tax cut for the state. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Senator David Pearce, of Warrensburg:

David Pearce

Pearce voted against similar legislation during the regular session. “I felt that it was a bill that cut too much and too fast. It was regressive, as far as it was hurting those with a lower socioeconomic status, than those in the middle and upper class,” Pearce said, “And I chair the Senate Education Committee. And I know that our schools, through the foundation formula, are underfunded by some $600 million. So I just felt that cutting $700 million from the budget while our schools are underfunded did not make sense.” Pearce intends to support the governor’s veto when the General Assembly meets on the eleventh of September.

One issue that has been vetoed by Governor Nixon is Senate Bill 9. The main goal of creating extension districts made it through in another piece of legislation, but Pearce supports other ideas proposed in the bill. The legislation includes language that would change the laws on escaped livestock. If animals escape, under the current laws owners can be charged with trespassing or animal abuse.

The controversial part of Senate Bill 9 deals with foreign ownership of agricultural land.”And that truly is the part that the Governor found objectionable. So what I’ve got to do, as the bill’s sponsor, is to see if I’ve got enough votes in the Senate, and then my colleagues in the House to have 2/3rds of a majority to override the Governor’s veto on Senate Bill 9.”

The veto session will be held September 11th.