The deadline passed this week for Governor Jay Nixon to sign or veto bills passed by the Missouri House this year. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Senator David Pearce of Warrensburg.

David Pearce

Governor Nixon vetoed a record high, 29 bills, but Senator David Pearce of Warrensburg says that’s not the final word. “There’s one or two of those in particular that I’ve worked very hard on that did not get passed and so, you don’t always get everything that you hope, but, overall I think it was a good session,” Pearce said. “We did have some success’ and then we’ll come back the second week in September and possibly have some overrides of some of those vetoes.”

One bill in particular worked on by Pearce, Senate Bill 9, would have allowed the creation of extension districts. “That was vetoed, however the language in that was included in another house bill, so at least we got the language approved, and that concept will continue” Pearce explained . “So I was hopeful that would get passed cause it also had some really good language on animal abuse and neglect that Representative Joe Don McGaugh had worked very hard on.”

Warrensburg will take center stage Wednesday as President Barack Obama makes a stop in the mid-Missouri community. Senator David Pearce of Warrensburg says this is a good development for his home town. “The topic is going to be on the economy. It’s great that he’s coming to this community to talk about that. It will put Missouri and Warrensburg in particular on the map for a day on the worldwide stage and so, that’s positive,” Pearce said