Senator David Pearce was in St. Louis on Thursday for a National Education Conference. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Missouri Senator David Pearce:

David Pearce

“One thing discussed was the importance of early childhood education and getting kids off on the right start,” Pearce said. “The Secretary of Education Arne Duncan spoke to us along with Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. They talked about that and a federal program that they have that involves a federal-state match for early childhood.”

Pearce added that Governor Nixon, as well as the governors of Colorado and Nevada, talked to the crowd about the importance of educating people about civics and the civic process.

The Senator said the Missouri Legislature adjourned for Summer recess on the 17th of May, and that the clock is ticking for the Governor to decide what bills he wants to sign into law or veto.

He said that he only knows of one bill at this time that the Governor has vetoed – Senate Bill 29 – which was related to paycheck protection in unions.

Senator Pearce added that since the recess in mid-May, he has had some time to visit his hometown and to meet his constituency. He says he is looking forward to one thing that makes Summer Summer – the county fairs.

“The county fairs are coming up, and that signifies that Summer is about half way through,” Pearce stated. “I know that you at the radio station cover a lot of county fairs and a lot of livestock auctions and a lot of great food. So that is going to be one of the highlights of my Summer.”

Pearce said that Governor Nixon only has until July 14 to act on the bills passed during the last sessions of the House and Senate. The Legislature will return from recess in early September.