A Senate General Laws Committee met Tuesday to hear several bills relating to education.

Senator Jane Cunningham tells the panel that Senate Bill 451 would establish the “Sharing of Services and Increasing Efficienceis Act” to allow school districts and other entities to achieve efficiencies. Schoold districts don’t meet even one academic standard if they are not accredited. Cunningham talks about her focus on unaccredited school districts.

Senator JaneCunningham, R-Chesterfield


Two other bills discussed district boundary procedures. Senate Minority Floor Leader Victor Callahan says Senate Bill 434 would modify procedures for changes in shool district boundry lines and Senate bill 581 would modify provisions relating to the boundry line changes, school accreditation and employment of retired teachers under certain circumstances. He says taxpayers need to know what is going to happen before they make changes to district boundaries.

Senator Victor Callahan, D-Independence