When it comes to the Environmental Protection Agency’s intentions on dust regulations, Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns says – all we hear are intentionally vague statements and mixed signals. According to the Senator, their claim that they have no plans to regulate farm dust conflict with their statements that they’re not able to distinguish farm dust from other regulated dust.
If regulation of farm dust truly is a myth, as EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has suggested, Johanns says – she should debunk that myth once and for all – by supporting a bill he and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley have introduced stopping EPA from regulating farm dust. Johanns believes – farmers and ranchers would applaud her for providing this certainty.
Senator Grassley says – the EPA has been giving conflicting answers and having it both ways on the dust issue for long enough. It’s time for Administrator Jackson to set the record straight and put the word out to the employees of the EPA that agriculture dust is off the table. Mr. Grassley points out that – when soybeans are at the right moisture level, they need to be combined, and if God determined that the wind is going to blow that day, there’s absolutely nothing a farmer can do. Dust happens.