The Council for the Town of Carrollton met Monday night with a number of bids to look over. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Carrollton Administrative assistant Terry Bell.

Terry Bell

One job up for bid was for street salt for winter roads. Administrative Assistant Terry Bell says the winning bid has been selected and council looks to head-off last year’s shortage from reoccurring.

Terry Bell2

A bid for a cut-off saw for the street department was accepted from Hardware Plus for $945.00, beating Ag Power by five dollars.

Council also approved the resurfacing project at the Rupe Center and Fire Department on Harvest Hills Road by approving the contractor, according to Bell.

Terry Bell3

Assistant Bell also added that council was made aware that summer paving of Carrollton Streets is underway.

You can learn more about the town of Carrollton by visiting their website.