Click the link below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Dana Kelchner, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at State Fair Community College in Sedalia:

Dana Kelchner

State Fair Community College in Sedalia is seeking students or perspective students who have a passion for the arts. “We have a really strong and vibrant fine and performing arts program here at SFCC,” expressed Kelchner, “With music, theater, and fine arts.  Each program holds auditions for students who are interested in participating in those programs and earning scholarships.”

This is not just an opportunity for current SFCC students. “It’s open to high school seniors and students who might be transferring from another school,” said Kelchner, “You don’t have to be a fine arts or performing major to try for the auditions or the scholarships. They can actually audition for more than one program, so if they are interested in music and theater, they can do that as well.”

While art programs all over the country are struggling to maintain existence, SFCC students and staff take pride in the institutes mastery programs.

“We consider the fine and performing arts a jewel in our crown here at the college,” Kelchner explained, “It’s a very popular program. We get a lot of students who come in and perform. Again, they may not necessarily be a theater or art major but they are bringing their talents to us and it really shows in our performances and our shows that we have each year.”

For more instruction including registration information, location, and times, visit sfccmo.edu/auditions or contact Brandi Webb at 660-596-7387 or by e-mail at bwebb2@sfccmo.edu.


Press Release:

Scholarship Auditions –
Feb. 24, 2015

This is an opportunity to earn college scholarships in one or more of SFCC’s Fine and Performing Arts programs!

To schedule auditions, call the Box Office at (660) 596-7387. If you are unable to schedule an audition on this day, it may be possible to request another date. These scholarships are open to high school seniors, transfer students, majors and non-majors. Applicants are welcome to audition for multiple programs.

Where are the auditions held? All auditions are held in the Stauffacher Center for the Fine Arts on the Sedalia campus. Click map to see where the fine arts center is located and for driving directions. When you arrive, check in at the Box Office in Stauffacher and you will be directed to the appropriate room.

Following are the audition requirements for each program.

Theatre Arts

Acting/performance students: prepare two contrasting monologues or a monologue and song. It is recommended that one piece is light in nature; the other should be rather serious. Select roles that are fairly close to your own age range and try to avoid unnecessary challenges such as accents. Each song or section of a song should be approximately 32 bars in length. Each piece (monologues and songs) should be between one and three minutes in length. If you are auditioning with a song, please bring a CD to accompany your audition.

Design/technical students: provide a portfolio that includes, but is not limited to copies of drawings, paintings, stage management paperwork, photographs, programs, or posters that you have designed, constructed, etc. A portfolio on CD or flash drive is equally acceptable. As with a performance audition, our preference is to meet with you in person so that you can present your work. If that is not possible, then a portfolio should be e-mailed, mailed or faxed to the Theatre Arts program coordinator and a phone interview will be scheduled.
Music Arts

There are a number of Music Merit Scholarships available for both music majors and non-music majors. For students interested in pursuing a music degree in college, SFCC offers an Associate of Arts degree with emphasis in music. The program provides general education and music courses designed to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. We also offer several performance groups including Jazz Choir, Jazz Runners, which is a jazz band, and Collegiate Chamber Choir.

Vocal or instrumental: an audition with the Music Arts Program Coordinator is required. Providing a prepared piece is helpful, though not required.
Fine Arts

Portfolio: provide 10 drawing examples as well as five examples of other art works. Also, all applicants are required to tour the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art and visit an art class during their interview.