Carl Bogart, 37, of Sheldon, MO was arrested Wednesday morning.

HARRISONVILLE — A Sheldon, MO man and Nevada, MO woman have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking in Harrisonville.

Carl A. Bogart, 37, was arrested alongside Felicia R. Shepherd, also 37, Wednesday morning.

According to the probable cause statement, Shepherd was a passenger in Bogart’s car when they were stopped in the Jassi’s Super Mart parking lot.

During the stop, Bogart was found to have a revoked Missouri license and claimed to have been driving because Shepherd “wasn’t feeling well” before being taken into custody. Shepherd was observed to bend over to the floorboard and attempt to use a lighter to burn what appeared to be a plastic bag at her feet. She was then removed from the vehicle.

Authorities searched the vehicle to find a substance that was recognized and later found to be methamphetamine covering the passenger’s side floorboard and seat. A black vinyl back filled with methamphetamine was found that also contained a small digital scale with white residue covering the weighing pad.

Shepherd told authorities that Bogart threw the bag on her lap upon being stopped. She said she tried to burn it to “get rid of the evidence,” and stated that she knew what was in the bag, but not how much.

According to the statement, Bogart was found to be on probation for felony possession of a controlled substance has nine prior convictions for driving while suspended or intoxicated.

Bogart is not being held on bond while Shepherd is held on a $25,000 bond. Their initial arraignment is scheduled for Friday.