According to court documents obtained by KMZU news, Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has filed a lawsuit against the city of Chillicothe and their Chief of Police Rick Knouse. The complaint stems from a 911 call that was made to the Emergency Telephone Service that is handled by the police department. During that call, the caller provided information including Steve Cox’s name and alleged that Cox had done “certain things”.

The court documents go on to say the call was then relayed, on different occasions, to persons who were acting as a part of the general public and not in any capacity as a law enforcement agency or pursuant to a valid court order.  As a result, according to the petition filed by Cox, a posting was started on the internet website known as Topix concerning both the Sheriff and the incident.

Cox claims a violation of the Missouri Sunshine Laws and that the actions were done for the purpose of harming his reputation in the community and to “deter people from associating or dealing” with him.

He is suing for damages, costs, expenses, and other such relief as the court deems just and proper.

Depositions have already been scheduled in the matter for the 21st of January. On the list of those scheduled to testify are city administrator Ike Holland, County Commissioners Eva Danner, Ken Lauhoff, and Todd Rodenberg, as well as Chris Mueller, and Laieloni Knouse.