The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department has released more information related to reports of a suspicious person attempting to sell satellite television services in the area.  Sheriff Steve Cox said his office determined the individual or group of people had been lawfully employed by New Star Communications LLC.  The third party company is based in Utah.

The sheriff’s office launched an investigation late last week after numerous homeowners reported encountering a questionable man trying to sell Dish Network services.  Cox said there is not enough evidence to suggest whether or not the individual was casing homes or locations for other purposes.

Press Release from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department

Due to the publics help in providing our office information about a questionable person selling Satellite Television Services recently we have been able to determine the group of people which had been in our community are lawfully employed by a 3rd party being NEWSTAR COMMUNICATIONS out of Utah.

A company representative gave us the following information if any citizens are concerned and wish to verify employment:


Cole Wagstaff- Supervisor

Newstar Communications



This does not mean an individual was not casing homes or locations for other purposes outside the scope of his employment and we stress the importance of discussing and planning for safety of all types at your home, work, or elsewhere.

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