The Saline County Sheriff has responded to concerns from his citizens regarding gun control. Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Sheriff Wally George:

Wally George

Sheriff Wally George has penned his response to the Johnsons.  He and many other Missouri Sheriffs stand on the same side of the debate and support legislation such as Missouri House Bill 170.

“There’s just no way that we are going to stand by and let the federal government tell our people, you know, what they’re going to do and what they’re not going to do as far as their second amendment rights,” said George.

George said he believes the laws need to be strengthened.

Following their participation in “Gun Appreciation Day” in Jefferson City, Jeffrey and LynnRose Johnson, of Nelson, wanted to find out where their Sheriff stands on the Second Amendment.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with LynnRose:

LynnRose Johnson

LynnRose says it is important for people to speak out when they’re not happy with the government.

“I just think people need to read and understand our constitution, and get involved, and just question our leaders.  Question our leaders on where they stand on these issues and what they plan to do about it,” said Johnson, “Push comes to shove, will they stand up for our citizens or will they stand up for the federal government?  Because we, now, are in a position, I think, where we need to know that.”

She said she is satisfied with the response received from Sheriff George.

Below is a copy of the letter from Jeffrey and LynnRose Johnson:

Dear Sheriff George,

On behalf of ourselves and also Oath Keepers we wish to know your opinion on where you stand on the 2nd amendment and the possibility of federal intrusion the “people’s” right to keep and bear arms as promised to us in the constitution.  Will you, as Sheriff of our county and former military, uphold and defend the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Also, we as the citizens of the county you serve, need to know if you WILL uphold YOUR oath to protect us from all enemies foreign OR domestic.  Another question we must have an answer to, is whether as the law enforcer of our county, whether or not you are willing to try to disarm law abiding citizens of Saline County under ANY circumstances, or conduct unlawful searches of our residences, or work places, or impose illegal and unconstitutional martial law, or unlawful detentions of county citizens who are not charged with anything.

We have always respected you and have believed you to be a man of integrity and honor, but the current climate in this country has made people nervous and scared of an over reaching federal government, and as citizens of Saline County we need answers from our Sheriff.

If you choose to answer the above questions, which we truly hope you will, the information will be shared with Oath Keepers, as well as any other concerned citizens of our county.  Please remember that if you choose not to answer the above concerns of the public you have sworn to protect, your silence on the matter WILL be your answer.

Thank you so very much for your time!

Sincerely,    Jeffrey and LynnRose Johnson

Response from Sheriff Wally George:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson;

I received your letter this date, January 30th, 2013 in regards to your concern on my stand in reference to our 2nd amendment, and the possible federal intrusion of “the people’s right to keep and bear arm’s”

First, I will tell you that you are not the only Saline County folks who have either called me, came by my office in person, or has stopped me on the streets of our county to ask me the same questions you have ask me in your letter.

There is a lot of “unrest” and “uncertainty” among many of my fellow Saline County citizens with regards to what the federal government is in fact going to attempt to do to resolve this firearm issue because of the recent gun violence across our land.

I wish to inform you that I am a firm believer in our United State’s Constitution’s second amendment, and I will assure you, as I have many other Saline County folks, that I will defend our 2nd amendment in Saline County literally to the point of being locked up in my own county jail if it ever came to that extreme.

I will assure you that I am here to protect and defend all of my Saline County citizens, and defending the right to own and bear arms is, in my opinion, one of the legal rights my citizens have, and I “will” defend my citizens to keep and own their firearms as our 2nd amendment has always assured all of us that we all have the right to do so.

I will most assuredly promise you that there is nothing that would ever make me “go on a mission” to disarm my fellow saline County citizens and attempt to take away their firearms.

Please rest assuredly that I will “always” stand by my folks when it comes to upholding our 2nd amendment, and will, and yes, “always” defend our right to own and bear arms.

Most sincerely;

Wally George, Sheriff

Saline County, Missouri