Click to hear KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox:

Sheriff Steve Cox

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to restaff after losing deputies to other agencies for better pay and other benefits.  Cox said the process is slow, but steady.  “We’ve had several applicants and are still conducting the hiring process,as we had three positions available,”said Cox, “We’ve hired one deputy who will start on the 27th of this month.  We’ve hired another who will begin his duties the first week of November.  That person has actually worked here before as a deputy and left to work for the police department.  We are still conducting interviews for the third position and hope to have those wrapped up in the next 10 days or so and make our final selection.”

Cox believes the county will continue to struggle until changes are made.  “I don’t think our people are paid near what is a fair and competitive wage compared to other agencies around here,” said Cox.

When asked about changes in allocation of funding once the jail was closed, Cox said he doesn’t have those answers.  “That you would have to ask the county commissioners,” said Cox, “The county is seeing savings in consolidating the 911 service and in closing the jail.  That’s a good question for the county commission.”

According to Cox, he will make announcements in the near future regarding the new members of his law enforcement team.