CARROLLTON, MO – A short meeting of Carrollton city officials was made shorter still with the absence of certain expected guests. Duties of the mayor were fulfilled by Councilwoman at Large, Scarlet Horine, due to the absence of Mayor Mathis. An animal permit issue scheduled for discussion did not receive attention, since the individual expected to raise the issue was not present.

The council did fill several appointments to the library board, approving Michelle Wilson, Jennifer Shields, and Rhonda Simpleman. Council also plans to deal with the removal of a member on the police board after chief Robert Turner recommended that course of action. Turner said the unnamed board member was regularly absent from meetings, leading to the inability of the board to meet.

Council members were updated as to progress in planning for future water park facilities. The park board has been meeting with advisors and working to plan future structures after an irreparable and expensive leak was discovered in the public pool. Interested stakeholders held a meeting at Carrollton YMCA to discuss possible plans. A trip has also been scheduled to the Brookfield water park for ideas on how future structures could be planned and maintained.