Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Pam Clingerman, Curator at the Grand River Historical Society Museum, about the program to be presented during the quarterly meeting:

Pam Clingerman

The Grand River Historical Society Museum is hosting their quarterly meeting tomorrow evening.  The entertainment for the evening is the presentation of a piece of history that is usually set aside and belittled.”The lady who is presenting, Alicia Scott, is a descendent of one of the survivors of the Sultana Tragedy,” said Clingerman, “Which was the worst maritime disaster ever recorded in U.S. history.  Because of the time period in which it occurred, it was kind of relegated to the back pages of history.”

The intriguing and heartbreaking story will be presented with a variety of visuals and inside accounts.  “The steam ship Sultana actually blew up on the Mississippi River with the loss of 1,800 lives,” Clingerman briefly explained the history, “The one thing I can say, is that the majority of the victims were Union P.O.W.’s returning home from camps like Andersonville and Catawba.  So this was like a double whammy for them and of course it was never really publicized.”

Tonight’s program gets underway with dinner being served at 6:30.  $10 will buy you a lasagna dinner with sides, dessert, and a beverage.

If you aren’t interested in dinner, feel free to arrive anytime after 6:15.  The program will begin around 7:00 and is free to all interested.

For further questions or to make reservations you can reach Pam Clingerman at the Museum at 660-646-1341 or Ron Wilder at 660-646-0502.