CARROLLTON, MO – The plan for a new aquatic center in Carrollton has been set in motion after a council meeting Monday.

Old pool site

A site was formally approved by city council after assent from Park Board members present, and upon advice from design consultants on hand.

The chosen site, on the heights of the public park in Carrollton, was deemed easily accessible and reasonable in cost. A preliminary concept of the design was also formulated after reviewing participation from an open house meeting in March, and an online survey. The total budget being considered is $3 million, with construction cost potentially $2.7 million. Consultants at the meeting called the schedule “aggressive”, with bidding planned for August, and construction beginning in September.

Questions were fielded at the meeting regarding the future of the old pool site which was answered by members of the Park Board, who said it would be part of a long term park plan that would eventually repurpose the area.

(Consultants present site recommendations to council members, 8 min, 46 sec)