The city of Slater met for their regularly scheduled city council meeting on Tuesday, March 17th.

                    steve mcqueen

                                           McQueen standing beside the Lola T-70 race car

A big topic during the night was about one of Moberly’s biggest events. “Probably the biggest thing that we talked about was Steve McQueen day and that’s coming April 25th,” stated Griffith. Every year Slater sees an increase in population for the annual event. There will be a car show as well as guests from Beach Grove, Indiana who bring out a small museum showing where McQueen was born. With people coming into Slater from all over, Griffith said it’s time for residents to “start picking it up a little bit.”

City council members also discussed and passed a Dig Rite ordinance. This brings the city up to date with current digging laws. Griffith explained, “The biggest change we’ve seen is when they put private sewers in, they’re supposed to put some sort of locating device on it. So, we incorporated that into our ordinance. When people come up to get a permit, we’re going to tell them you have to have a locating device. Our recommendation is probably going to be to put a clean out between the sidewalk and the street where a contractor, the city, or themselves can go out and tell somebody which way their sewer goes.”

Also discussed was a new resolution for Slater in honor of all their tenure military vets. “We’re planning on a program during the Slater Fall Festival where they actually come and proclaim Slater a Purple Heart community,” Griffith said.

                    purple heart

Slater will convene for their next city council meeting on Tuesday, April 7th.