A member of the Slater city council has recently received unwanted attention regarding a debate about pit bulls.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Terry Jordan:

Terry Jordan

Jordan was shocked to hear that he was the center of a growing debate stemming from a posting on Facebook. Specifically, the post called for a national day to kill pit bulls.  Jordan said that he had nothing to do with what was written and denies that it falls into line with his beliefs.  “I am Terry Jordan, but I am not the one that posted that,” said Jordan,” number one, I do not have a Facebook page, I do not have a Twitter account, and I do not have a YouTube account.  I don’t deal with those social medias.  I have never implied that we should kill dogs, cats, or any other animals.  I’m totally against it.  I was actually horrified to see that someone had posted that. ”

The item has been re-posted several times on various sites and now includes both his home address and telephone number.  The Jordan family has been forced to unplug their phone simply so they can sleep at night.  According to Jordan, the phone calls and comments online have become increasingly threatening.  “There are death threats.  There are threats to come to our home on October 31st to kill us.  This is really ugly and it has scared my family.  We didn’t do anything to deserve this.  Had I made the remark or posted this, I would take it in stride.  They’ve got the wrong person.  I didn’t do this.”

Jordan believes that he may have been linked to the statement due to recent city council work to establish an animal control ordinance.  He admits that, in the beginning, he had voiced an opinion to place all pit bulls into the aggressive dog category.  However, once council heard from animal owners, veterinarians, and guest speakers, that opinion changed.  In the end, the city did establish an ordinance regarding aggressive animals, but it does not place any breed automatically under those conditions.  According to Jordan, each animal is considered on an individual basis.

After several days of threats and fears, Jordan’s simple request is for individuals to consider his point of view and the thought that perhaps they have the wrong guy.  ” I have lived in the Slater community for over 30 years,” said Jordan,” I have been a public official for over 20 years.  The people in our area know that I am not the person that posted this comment on the internet.  I would appreciate any help that I can get in communicating that message.”