steve mcqueenSLATER, Mo. – During the Slater City Council Tuesday evening, June 21, 2016, leaders approved an ordinance to allow the Solar Systems Electric Connection to move forward.

Local residents will be able to install solar panel arrays to generate electricity, but as City Attorney Adam Sommer explained there are stipulations that need to be adhered to but will bring benefits.

City residents will have to fully fund the installation at their homes and businesses including two way meters and engineering fees.

But as Attorney Sommer pointed out residents can generate as much power as they want. Any excess energy created will generate credits toward a residents’ electric bill, possibly eliminating any out of pocket costs.

Also Mayor Steven Allegri reminded the council and public of two events this Friday night and Saturday, including Steve McQueen Day.

City Administrator Gene Griffith urges the public to get out early Saturday with sign in from 9 to noon and judging to follow.

There will be concessions and many vendors. The event will be wrapping up by 3 p.m.

Council also approved a number of liquor license for area retailers Tuesday before adjourning.

Their next meeting will be Tuesday, July 5th at 7 p.m.