A few of the members of the Slater City Council.

A few of the members of the Slater City Council.

SLATER, Mo. – The Slater City Council met in regular session Tuesday evening with a number of items on the agenda. Click below to hear the entire session.

The sewer study was one of the most significance items discussed.

Asst. City Administrator Russell (Gene) Griffith explained to the council that the test will begin Monday, May 23, 2016 on the southeast side of town on the other side of the tracks before full scale testing.

Mr. Griffith also explained concerns about sump pumps and having unknown persons on private property.

This test may lead to the city installing a UV treatment system to ensure 100% of waste water is treated before being released from the plant.

Also gone over was the street improvement project. The last meeting saw council decide to ask nearby towns about the materials they’ve used and how they fared.

According to the Mayor of Salisbury, he was very happy with the trap rock seal coat applied over a year ago.

Griffith explained it is a long lasting material that the city of Slater has gotten a lot of value out of already.

Council approved the material unanimously and the city hopes the project will be underway by August.

City leaders were also briefed by Mayor Stephen Allegri on the city pool and staff that was recently hired. It will open Memorial Day Weekend.

Also cemetery flowers for Memorial Day weekend may be placed on graves starting May 27th and must be removed by June 6th at 7 a.m.

You can learn more about the community of Slater by going to the city’s website.