Today marks the first day of classes for the 2014-2015 school year in Slater. Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Superintendent Dr.Terry Lorenz:

Dr. Terry Lorenz

The district has spent the short summer completing numerous projects and preparing for others.  “We are adding an outdoor basketball court for our elementary school and that project is just about to get underway,” said Lorenz, “We are also about to start a project that will place sidewalks and ADA accessible routes all around our building through a grant by MoDOT.   We have placed a couple of new doors on our gym.  We have taken out all the old bleachers and are expecting the arrival of new bleachers in mid-October.  We’ve made room improvements with carpeting and stripping hardwood flooring.”

According to Lorenz, the district is continuing to experience growth. “A lot of our class sizes typically run around 25 and we’ve had some of them in the elementary that are pushing up over 30, so we’ve just recently added a few aides to our staff,”said Lorenz, “We have a total of 10 new staff this year.  I’m really excited.  I have a very bright, young bunch. It’s probably one of the best bunches I’ve been a party of hiring.  They are nervously excited and that’s the way it is right before we start.  It’s a great time of year.  It’s really the beauty, I think, of education .  It gives everyone a chance to start fresh rather you’re new or a veteran. ”

The district will welcome approximately 370 students this year.