MoDOT personnel are working 12 hour shifts to make travel possible across the listening area.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Northwest District spokesperson Melissa Black:

Melissa Black

Current weather conditions are presenting a challenge to the effort this morning.  “We obviously have snow-covered roads all over the northwest,” said Black,” We’re seeing significant snowfall with the Chillicothe and Brookfield areas being some of the hardest hit.  Our crews are saying the worst part is the wind which is causing drifting and making it difficult to actually clear the roads.”

Due to these and other conditions, the travel situation is not expected to greatly improve as we move through the day.  “This kind of a temperature is one of the most dangerous,” said Black, “It’s hovering right around the freezing mark where it can melt and then refreeze causing icy, wet conditions.  We really encourage everyone to stay home if at all possible.”

Crews will clear the major highways first and move to minor routes when able.  For now, it is too early to lay out a timetable for when specific roadways will be worked.

For those who must travel today, officials encourage that you check current road conditions before heading out the door.