CARROLLTON (KMZU) — The horticulture town hall spent much of its time answering submitted questions. Horticulture specialist Kathi Mecham reviewed last week’s water wilt lesson after receiving a question asking if heavy rain and their tomato plants looking dehydrated were correlated.

Mecham reminds listeners that although there is nothing to do about water wilt besides wait, there are ways to reduce the probability of it happening.

Lastly, too much water is not the only cause of water wilt. Mecham explains what to do if you think this is not the case.

The pest of the week that was the center of horticulture specialist Tamra Reall’s attention were snails and slugs. Reall says that although they may move slow, they are rather destructive.

The question that was submitted said they’d been watering their plants every day. Reall explains how moisture influences a snail’s attraction to a garden.

It’s a common conception that snails and slugs are sensitive to salt. However, Reall doesn’t recommend going about this way from curving these little guys from being active in your garden. She offers alternatives of how to save a susceptible garden.

Speaking of pests, horticulture specialist Jose Cabrera-Garcia took the time to advise gardeners not to make their own insecticidal soaps at home.

He goes into further detail about why this practice is not safe.