Many chain stores around the country held their “Black Friday” sales yesterday, but now it’s time for Small Business Saturday. Numerous area towns are participating, including Carrollton.

Executive Director of the Carroll County Economic Alliance, Sharon Metz would like to see a “cash mob” at local businesses on Saturday. “Spend some money in your hometown businesses, and say, ‘Hey. Thank you,'” said Metz. “We have five hometown restaurants, besides all the franchise restaurants we have. And our square needs your support. They not only need you to come in and spend your money, they need you to come in and say, ‘Hey, you’re important to us. And thank you for being here.'”

Some local merchants in Lexington are continuing with what they call Shop Small. Executive Director of the Lexington Chamber, Penny Grosso explains they have kicked off a “Shop Local Lexington” campaign.

“All you need to do is get a receipt from wherever you purchase something in Lexington, turn those receipts in with your name and phone number on the back of it, and we will do a drawing,” said Grosso. “And we’re going to give $25 to the person whose name is drawn out and $25 to the merchant that they shopped at.”

Spending money in the local community is beneficial because those sales tax dollars stay in the area. They can then be used to fund local projects, such as roads, parks, and schools.