Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with NFIB State Director Brad Jones:

Brad Jones

Black Friday is in full swing today, but tomorrow also marks an important day for retailers across the state.  Jones said it’s a great chance to support our local economies.  “Small business Saturday is really an opportunity for the community to really give back to the small businesses who are really helpful with sponsoring and keeping the community going,” said Jones, “It’s really an opportunity to let them know we appreciate them and what they do for our local economy.”

For many cities and towns, small business are their bread and butter.  “There’s about 135,000 businesses that are assigned with the Secretary of State,” said Jones, “Of those, 101,0000have less than ten employees.  When you look at that and say one or two is going to go out of business and what difference does it make, depending on the size of your community it can make a real big difference.  There are communities in the state of Missouri that, if it weren’t for small business, there would be no business at all.”

According to the NFIB,  shoppers spent more than $5.5 billion last year at locally-owned shops and restaurants during the Small Business Saturday event.