Most people in rural Missouri enjoy their way of life, but trends in decreasing population, which the USDA measured as declining in 2010, threaten to wipe small towns off the map. That trend, however, has reversed just this year, increasing by one tenth of a percent, and is linked, in part to economic conditions.

Keeping money in communities, or buying local, is one tactic used to keep small towns alive.


KMZU spoke with Mark Odell, the Lexington, Missouri City Administrator. Odell says he remembers when everything a person needed could be found in their town.


Small town shopping may still be around, but not to the extent it used to be.


The way forward for small town business must involve competing in today’s global market.


Attracting new business must also be a part of keeping a small town alive.


Ultimately, small town survival is about adapting.


Local partnerships are required to compete in today’s economy.


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