Sedalia’s City Council took a vote on the smoking ban Monday night.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Mayor Elaine Horn:

Elaine Horn

Council has been considering the issue for years.  The current ordinance was discussed in the pre-council meeting.  Ward 3 Council Member Bob Cross made a motion to put the issue on the ballot, but it failed 2 – 6.  The public was allowed to give their input before Council took a vote during regular session.

Horn said it was a very divisive issue.  “I think that was really good, because it did bring out a lot of good discussion.  I mean it made everyone really look hard and fast at the numbers and the reality of what the decisions were.  So I think it’s been a good dialogue, and I look forward to them having this expanded dialogue on everything we do because I think it’s just a good educational piece that is highly important to passing good ordinances,” said Horn.

Council members Wanda Monsees and Bob Cross voted against the ban, but the other six approved the ordinance.  It will take effect September 1st.  At that time, smoking will be prohibited in most public buildings and city parks.  Smoking will not be relegated in private residences, private clubs, and retail tobacco stores.

“Clean Air Sedalia” Chairman Jeanean Sieving said smoking has become a real problem in Sedalia.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Sieving:

Jeanean Sieving

The Pettis County Health Center Nurse says it was time for their City to get on board.  “Second-hand smoke in our community had really gotten to be a problem.  And we have a lot of smokers in Sedalia, and it was a health concern, so that was part of our, at the Health Center, something that we knew that needed to be worked on,” said Sieving.