Cars line up as they come off South Main Street into the area where the vaccinations will take place.

CARROLLTON — All agencies involved with Carrollton’s first mass coronavirus vaccination clinic were met with an early success.

Within the first hour and a half  of vaccinations, Carrollton Police Chief Chris Looney says between 400 and 500 people received the single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Most of the appointment slots were full, but Looney says calls were still coming in to be placed on a contingency list. By the end of the day, 1,100 does of the vaccine will have been administered.

“We just handed out tag number 189 and we average about two to three people per car,” Looney says. “So we’re anywhere from four to five hundred vaccines given out so far.”

Cars funnel in to the former Old Places parking lot as they are directed off South Main Street and the people patiently wait to receive their shot. Traffic was efficiently being directed through the vaccine stations, and had yet to experience any mishaps or back up. Missouri State Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Sgt. Andy Bell says the cooperation between the Missouri National Guard patrol and local law enforcement has helped maintain order.

“There’s a lot of logistical organization skills being heavily deployed,” Bell says. “It’s been very successful.”

Looney extends credit to the successful start of the day to the Carroll County Health Department and Carroll County Memorial Hospital, and highlights just what can get done when so many members of the community come together.

“We’ve have the Carroll County Health Department on site and the Carrollton Fire Department,” Looney says. “The Carroll County Memorial Hospital is present. Commissioners are providing lunch for the volunteers and everyone who is here. It’s really an example of small town communities coming together to pull off major events.”