Sobriety checkpoints will be established 5 times over the course of this summer in Randolph County. Click to hear KMZU’s Jillian Molloy talk with State Highway Patrol Sergeant Brent Bernhardt.

Brent Bernhardt

Press Release from the Missouri State Highway Patrol:

Captain James E. Wilt, commanding officer of Troop B, Macon, announces that sometime during the month of June 2011, a sobriety checkpoint will be held in Randolph County.  The checkpoint will be conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in cooperation with area law enforcement agencies.
“Sobriety checkpoints are an innovative means of detecting and removing the alcohol-impaired driver from our highways,” states Captain Wilt. “Driving while intoxicated continues to be a major contributing factor of traffic crashes in Missouri.”
Captain Wilt urges all citizens to help law enforcement efforts to apprehend intoxicated drivers.  If you suspect a motorist of driving while intoxicated or observe a vehicle being driven in an erratic manner, contact the nearest law enforcement agency.  The Highway Patrol toll-free numbers for reporting emergencies are 1-800-525-5555 or cellular *55.