The National Corn Growers Association hosted a webinar Thursday that helped advocates already using social media to explore new strategies and tools to maximize the impact of their efforts. This session, the eleventh in a year-long series co-sponsored by Pioneer Hi-Bred, presented attendees with the latest research data on what makes some social media users more effective than others and offered simple tips that yield real results.
Attendees learned how to maximize their impact on Twitter by increasing their human interaction.  Suggestions included eschewing the use of automatic tweeting programs, adding context to retweets, thanking those who connect and responding to individual posts. Facebook tips also emphasized the idea that social media use should foster human interaction instead of working as a broadcast medium.  Here, tips included explaining why a certain post or link is shared and responding to comments, among others.
NCGA Grower Services Action Team Chair Brandon Hunnicutt says -for me, using social media to talk about what I do on my farm was as natural as it would be for anyone with a job and young family. This year though, I have tried out some of the tips that I picked up from the webinar series and have really seen an increase in the depth of my online conversations about agriculture. The final webinar is Thursday, December 15.