The 39th District Representative in the Missouri House of Representatives has been appointed to three Committees in the Missouri House of Representatives.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Joe Don McGaugh:

Joe Don McGaugh

McGaugh said his goals while serving on the elections committee include making sure Missouri has free and fair elections and fraud is prevented.  “And I’d also like to see us, a lot of times these local municipalities, the statutes are set up to where, even though they may, say for instance in a primary, even though there may be only one person who’s on the ballot, they still have to print the ballots,” said McGaugh, “So there’s a lot of funds for these smaller, whether it be a county or municipalities, they spend a lot of money on printing ballots and running the elections when some of them may be unnecessary.”

McGaugh wants to use his position on the Agriculture Policy Committee to make sure farmers and ranchers are protected.  “We are a citizen legislature.  We have a lot of folks from Kansas City and St. Louis,” said McGaugh, “We saw in Prop B a few years ago, when they had the noble cause of ending puppy mills.  And, basically, they were going to put shackles on animal agriculture in the state of Missouri, so I want to make sure no bad legislation gets through.”

McGaugh will also serve on the Local Government committee.