A special meeting will precede the regular session of the Concordia Board of Aldermen Monday night. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Administrator Dale Klussman:

Dale Klussman

Alderman Ken Landes stepped down from his post in July. “Per our ordinance book, we have to have a special meeting where the mayor can make a recommendation for the Alderman to replace him for the remainder of his term,” said Klussman, “Then the Board will actually have to elect him by vote.” The mayor is submitting the name of Mark Luetjen. If the Board approves Lutjen, he will be sworn in at the start of the regular session.

At 8:00, the Board will suspend regular session to hold a public hearing on the 2013/2014 tax rate. “The purpose for it is to hear citizen input on the proposed tax rate. Which, after the final calculations were done, the proposed tax rate for 2013 is .5525, which for 2012 it was .5525. So there is absolutely no change in the tax rate,” Klussman said.

The special meeting begins at 6:30 and regular session gets underway at 7:00.