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We’re celebrating our 2012 KMZU Basketball Dream Team by holding a broadcast to honor all the student athletes. We’ll be airing interviews with coaches talking about all the accomplishments of their Dream Team players throughout the season. Our KMZU Dream Team broadcast is coming up Friday March 30th starting at 7 p.m. Phone calls are rolling in and here are the Dream Team players to announce for today:

Braymer Bobcats and Coach Brad Cox – junior Jesse Utt and senior Brandon Taylor

Glasgow Yellowjackets and Coach Mick Cropp – junior Reid Littrell and senior Dillon Yung

Kingsville Lady Tigers and Coach Bob Kiely – senior Kalee Herring

Salisbury Panthers and Coach Kenny Wyatt – juniors Austin Francis, Austin Wyatt and Zach Wyatt

Lafayette County C-1 Lady Huskers and Coach Mandy Rogers – sophomore Emma Dyer and senior Abbie Mahnken (mun-kin)

Boonville Pirates and Coach Scott Floyd – junior Damario Walker and senior Jason Luster

Coaches when you’re ready to be interviewed about your Dream Team players just call us toll free here at KMZU at 866-542-5050. We’ll play back all those interviews and also announce the players and coaches of the year during our KMZU Dream Team broadcast on Friday March 30th starting at 7 p.m.


Early registration ends today (Tue) for the three-on-three basketball tournament at Stet High School. Junior and Senior class sponsor Kendra Ramsey says the divisions are based on age and gender.

Teams will still be allowed to register through the 28th (next Wednesday). The tournament is Saturday, March 31st.


Spring Training baseball:

St. Louis – 4 Atlanta – 3. The Redbirds take on the Houston Astros at 12:05 today.

The Kansas City Royals were off yesterday. They face the L.A. Angels at 3:05 this afternoon.