jailed 9SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Springfield man convicted of producing child pornography was sentenced in federal court Wednesday afternoon.

David Albert, 50, of Springfield, was sentenced by Judge Beth Phillips to serve 17 years in federal prison without parole. The conviction stemmed from an incident that took place in October of 2014.

A posting was discovered on an internet chat service by a special agent with Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations. The posting was regarding the “trading and sharing” of child pornography. Albert was identified as the person responsible for making the post.

On October 3, 2014, officials executed a search warrant and recovered a computer with multiple images of child pornography, as well as a cell phone. Albert would later plead guilty to taking pornographic images of an 11-year old victim.

Albert’s sentence of 17 years in federal prison began immediately following his hearing.