SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The 5th Annual Heart of America Dairy Expo will be in Springfield, Missouri on January 19-21, 2017. The cow_female_black_whiteMissouri Dairy Association will host the event at the Ramada Oasis Hotel and Convention Center. Dave Drennan, Executive Director of the Missouri Dairy Association says, “It’s a great meeting… We have about eight or nine dairy groups meeting together, a trade show with about 65 exhibitors, and we’re really pleased this year to have a couple of really nationally known headline speakers.”

Dave says the speakers will be talking about anything from feed to finance. “We’re kicking off with Mike Hutjens. He’s from the University of Illinois…[and] is going to be talking about feeding efficiencies and strategies for these tough times we have been facing in dairy. Then Gary Sipiorski, a dairy consultant and dairy development manager out of Wisconsin [will be speaking]… Gary is a banker and a financial consultant and he’s going to be talking about tips for top producers and again how to deal with the tough times, the prices we’re facing right now, and how to make it in dairy. Between Mike and Gary they are nationally known and well read in a number of dairy publications. It’s an opportunity for folks to see them first hand and get a chance to quiz and talk to the experts.”

The trade show with 65 vendors will kick off the expo on January 19th. Dave says there will be anything from equipment dealers to suppliers present to talk with dairy farmers.

“There is no registration [fee] for dairy farmers and their families-it’s free. Allied Industry we charge a nominal fee, and no fee for parking.” To register for the expo, visit www.heartofamericadairy.org. Mr. Drennan says, “They can register right up to the day of the meeting. [For] dairymen you know it kind of depends whats going on on the farm. There’s always something to do, and we don’t mind late registrations, and we don’t mind walk-ins because everyone is welcome.”