While construction is moving along at the new high school stadium in Sedalia, the facility will not be ready in time to host football games this season.  Click to hear KMZU’ s Kristie Cross speak with Superintendent Brad Pollitt:

Brad Pollitt

While the board hoped to have the facility ready for homecoming, they were more concerned with handling the project in a responsible manner.  “If you drove by there a month ago and then drive by now, you’ll be able to see we’ve made significant progress, but the project started a bit behind the eight ball from the beginning,” said Pollitt, “Our board did an outstanding job of making sure all the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed at the very beginning and that set us back in our time frame.   We wanted to make sure we had the donations secure, that we had the sale of our other stadium completed, and we refinanced some bonds from our high school.  We made sure the money was there and in place so we wouldn’t have to ask for a levy increase.”

Construction issues are also playing into the delay of the facility’s opening.  “We saved about $60,000 by using the lights at the present stadium,” said Pollitt, “In the process of selling the stadium, the city agreed to let us have those lights.  Now we have to move them and that’s a tedious operation.  We were worried that if we took them down and the something happened and we didn’t get them up at the new stadium that we would have no stadium with lights and that’s not a good thing.”

The $7 million facility is expected to be ready for the track and field season in the spring.