JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A scheduled audit of Shelby County was recently carried out and completed by the Missouri State Auditor’s Office.

According to a release from Auditor Nicole Galloway, the Shelby County government received an overall ‘good’ performance rating. The Circuit Court in Shelby County was given an ‘excellent’ overall rating, the highest possible rating for Galloway’s office awards.

“It appears that the officials in Shelby County are working to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and remain accountable to citizens,” Galloway said in the press release. “I have made recommendations to assist officials in making improvements at the county level and I appreciate their responsiveness and cooperation.”

The audit, however, was not perfect. There were some concerns brought to light over the county’s railroad tax collections. According to Galloway’s office, the Shelby County Collector withheld approximately $3,000 in commissions that were acquired in excess of the expected figures. The review found that those dollars should have been used to fund local school districts.

The county made swift moves to fix the error and ensured Galloway’s office that they would make the arrangements necessary to distribute the excess funds to the appropriate local schools.

In addition, Galloway recommended changes regarding record keeping procedures for seized property in the sheriff’s office as well as inventory. Improved data security, including stronger and more secure passwords, was also suggested by Galloway’s office in the review.

To view the full findings of the Shelby County audit, visit Galloway’s website. You can find a copy of the Shelby County Circuit Court’s report posted on the State Auditor’s website as well.