MILLER COUNTY, Mo. — State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s office has released an audit of Miller County.

According to the report, the county received an overall rating of “fair”.

The audit found the county struggled avoiding a deficit in the jail and 911 funds and needs to better track the use of capital improvement sales tax dollars transferred to those funds.

At the end of 2017, the county had only $1 in the 911 emergency fund before transferring $1 million into the account the year after. Miller County voters approved a 1/2 cent capital improvement sales tax for funding capital improvements to county owned buildings and paying costs of maintenance and utilization of those buildings.

The audit found the county didn’t track the transfers made from the Capital Improvement Fund to ensure the funding was only spent for those purposes. The audit also found the need for increased financial oversight in the county collector’s office because the collector had not filed annual settlements for the last four fiscal years and didn’t prepare bank reconciliations during the audit period.

Galloway’s office recommended the county improve oversight in the sheriff’s office and to follow statutory bidding requirements for board projects.

You can read the full audit report here.