A series of webinars are available to help local residents understand the Keystone Pipeline Project.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Senator Bill Stouffer:

Bill Stouffer

**Note – the State Department contacted KMZU News wanting to clarify that they are NOT the organization offering the webinars on the pipeline project.

Press Release from Senator Bill Stouffer

The State Department is soliciting public comment on its recently released “Keystone XL Pipeline Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement” (SDEIS) that requires comments by June 6, 2011.

This pipeline project will create local jobs and increase revenues to federal, state and local governments. It is also important to our national security.

A series of webinars will brief local residents, veterans and labor on the importance of the Keystone pipeline project.  The webinars will provide attendees with an understanding of the importance Keystone XL pipeline in an effort gain their support and submit a public comment. I have provided links to the webinars below.

Currently, the State Department has released a Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) that requires public comment by June 6, 2011.   If comments are not submitted in favor of this pipeline, the project may not move forward in a timely fashion – if at all.

The webinar, which is 30 minutes in length, will demystify the complexities behind the pipeline issue:

  • Review the economic reasons why the U.S. should allow the Keystone XL Pipeline project to move forward
  • Highlight key points about the State Department’s SDEIS
  • Address environmental concerns behind pipeline
  • Explain how the public can submit comments to support the Keystone XL Pipeline development

The Webinars will run from 1:00 – 1:30 PM on the following dates –

To register, click the session you want to attend:

For local residents: Tuesday, May 10 or Tuesday, May 17

For labor: Thursday, May 12 or Thursday, May 19

For veterans: Wednesday, May 11 or Wednesday, May 18